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What Are Photo Magnets?

Photo Magnets are a new-to-the-market product in which ceremony guests receive a free, high quality, picture of themselves in a customized frame which is printed on-spot on high quality magnet paper that would be placed in the most memorable place of every home, in the warm kitchen.

Screen Shot Magnets

How do we do it?

Just For You!!
  • Booking

    Reserve your date with a 15% deposit in advance

  • Pick a Package

    Choose from simple quick select packages to highly customizable packages

  • Design

    Pick from frame designs
    Optional Message Placement
    Inviters Event and Date

  • Customization

    Get Creative with custom props, logos and VIP red carpet backdrops for incredible entertainment for your guests.

  • Memories

    Create Magnificent memories with Magnets! Unlimited magenta for attendees to have some serious fun and memories from your event.

Be Mag with these magnificent magnets to entertain your guests!


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